Mindful Relaxation for Mums and Babies


Becoming a parent is a special time, which can feel overwhelming as you adjust to the new demands. It can feel like everyone else is doing it ‘better’ than you; like you are bombarded with advice – helpful and unhelpful – and it can really challenge relationships with those around you.

Mindfulness can help you to reduce stress and learn to enjoy this time, instead of striving to be the ‘perfect’ parent. By focusing on being ‘in the moment’, you can learn to help yourself feel more grounded, more positive and more aware of just what a fantastic job you are already doing!

These classes provide a calm and nurturing space for you to connect with other mums, take some time for you, and learn some valuable techniques for relaxation and bonding, as well as considering just how you want to be as a parent as your baby grows and develops.

Classes include:

  • Ways to introduce mindful techniques into your life to help you feel present and grounded
  • Learn to manage your own emotions better, so you can respond to your baby’s emotions more positively
  • Learn to communicate more effectively with those around you, to help reduce any conflict
  • Breathing techniques and guided relaxation and mindfulness techniques
  • Mindful activities┬áto practise, with and without your baby
  • A calm, safe and caring space for you to focus on your own self-care

What mums say:

“It is nice to have space to reflect on things… talk to other people.”

“It is good to hear other people’s experiences – it makes me feel better.”

” Hearing that you’re not alone… sometimes it can seem that everything you hear from other mums is all just positive.”

“It is nice to discuss a more laid-back approach rather than trying to stick to a routine.”

“It is so nice to feel supported. Being able to off-load is so important.”

“Mindfulness can be hard to do with a baby, it stays at the back of my mind. Being more aware of how I can include it in┬ámy day is really helpful.”