Life Coaching

Life Coaching

This is for you if you want to change and improve any aspect of your life. Perhaps you want to improve your work-life balance, or maybe you are coping with changes in your life. It might be that you’re just not happy with your life, but you’re not not sure why.

The pursuit of happiness is now recognised more and more as one of the most valuable aims you can have in life. What happiness actually means is unique to each of us; coaching can help you to discover a great deal more happiness in your life, whatever that may mean to you.

Examples of changes that you may be experiencing, where coaching could help you include:

  • managing the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause
  • coping with redundancy or job loss
  • seeking promotion at work, making a career change, or becoming self-employed
  • returning to work once children start school or university
  • adjusting to a caring role, whether it be with children, spouse or ageing parents
  • adjusting to illness, menopause or changing fitness levels; focussing on a healthy lifestyle
  • coping with relationship breakdown, or a new relationship
  • making the most of retirement

Family coaching

Are you fed up with shouting, or constantly arguing? Does your family feel disconnected, maybe even unhappy? Are you looking for ways to improve communication, happiness and your children’s self-esteem?

As a family coach, I can work with all or some members of the family to find out where the problems are and what changes can be made to meet everyone’s needs, and ensure a happier, more harmonious family environment.

Whether you are parents of young children wanting to find ways of working together more harmoniously, or a family with teenagers, I can help you to find better ways of communicating with each other in a respectful and helpful way. These sessions could transform your family!

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