Do you lack confidence and self-belief? Do you sometimes or often feel:

  • uneasy and shy?
  • uncertain of who you are or what you want?
  • a sense of worthlessness?
  • that you have negative thoughts about yourself or your abilities?
  • that you don’t enjoy life as much as you want, or can’t relax in certain situations?
  • as if you don’t have a clear sense of direction in your life?
  • that life and opportunities are passing you by?

Feeling that you are lacking in confidence or self-worth can affect so many areas of your life, whether it is in your family or personal relationships, or at work. The good news is that confidence and self-belief can be developed through understanding and practice.

Hypnotherapy can help you to identify and change the deep-seated causes of your lack of confidence and self-belief. These negative habits and ways of thinking abut ourselves can build up over a lifetime, without us even being aware of them. Working on a deep, subconscious level is a very powerful way to change these old habits and move into new, more positive and helpful ways of thinking and behaving.

Coaching starts with understanding your current levels of self-esteem, and your internal beliefs about yourself. Once you understand these things about yourself you can practise new habits and ways of behaving confidently, until they become natural facets of your personality. Confident people are typically more positive about themselves; though coaching you can emulate more positive ways of thinking and move on for the old, negative thinking patterns.

When you believe in yourself, so do others. Once you have a deeply ingrained sense of self-worth and confidence, life becomes more enjoyable and satisfying, allowing you to really be the best you can be.