About Me

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I am passionate about helping you to be the best you can be! From helping couples to prepare for birth using the Wise Hippo techniques, to helping children and families develop and thrive, to supporting individuals to make the changes they want to make to improve their lives; I am fascinated by the process of change and transition, and how best to assist you in owning and managing that change.

I worked as a teacher for many years, including working with children with Special Educational Needs (particularly Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties). Helping children to develop the skills, technique and strategies they needed in order to stay calm in difficult situations really made a difference to their confidence, self-esteem and subsequently their behaviour.

I was also a member of the British Competition Climbing Team for a number of years, and experienced first-hand how important mental preparation is alongside the physical training. Coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques all play such an important role in helping each individual to really perform at their best.

These interests and experiences led me to re-train as a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach in order to further develop and use these skills, to help children, families and adults cope better with life’s ups and downs, and achieve their full potential.

Lucy Atkinson

BSc (Hons), PGCE, Post Graduate Diploma (Education), Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice, Certificate of Stress Management, Life Coaching Diploma.

Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and the General Hypnotherapy Register